Monday, August 22, 2016

Aug 21st 2016 - Mauritius - day 5 (Bali pic review)

So I have been sticking to my goals.  Exercise, music, and writing for three days in a row.  So far so good.  Yesterday I also made some art for three songs that I just recently finished, one if them with my buddy, Chuck, aka Bounty Hunter.  Here are the pieces of artwork for the two Theory releases.

On that note, I have posted several new psybass tracks to Soundcloud in the last two months.  Have a listen if you are interested.  I also did the artwork for each of them as well.

Also yesterday, the landlord stopped by and brought us some cooking essentials and also let us know a water cooler is on order for us.  That will be nice so we can start getting the big blue bottles instead of buying water by the liter at the corner store down the street.

Him and I also chatted about fishing here in front of our house.  He is going to bring me a fishing pole as well as a hand-line setup.  He told me how to catch sand shrimp at night along the shoreline with my headlamp, and said that when he was living here they ate fish nightly.  He said when the freezer was empty he would fish for a couple hours at night and catch 10-15 kilos of fish each time.  So I am looking forward to that.  Hopefully I will be successful. The fish vendor down the street always has fish for sail.  It varies in price. Squid was about $5 USD per pound, fish was about 1/2 that.  Not too bad, but free would be better.

We also learned how to recharge our phone and wifi with data when we run out, as well as check the balance.

One other cool thing was that in the evening I noticed some movement towards the ceiling in our kitchen. Upon closer evaluation I realized it was the most vibrant gecko I had ever seen.  I snapped a picture with my zoom lens.  He is a welcome housemate and hopefully will keep the bug levels low in the house.

OK. Now for a look at some past experience.  I didn’t blog in Bali, so I thought I would show a few selected pictures.  We met some cool people, went on several cool adventures to the volcano, water falls, the monkey jungle, and overall had a really awesome time.  I am only going to post a few of my favorite pictures, as our data here in Mauritius is pretty limited.  There is a place with free wifi, so maybe I can get a bit more posting of pictures in while going there for a bite and some food.  We will see.

Moon pic by Becky Curtright

Until then, enjoy.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Aug 20th 2016 - Mauritius - day 4

Yesterday was gorgeous.  What a beautiful sunny day.  I took some pictures of the kiting conditions.  Because of the waist deep water there are no waves or even chop to speak of.  That means this places has a huge amount of flat water for kiting, as well as the world class waves such as One Eye.  The wind will pull a kiter down the break, to the left, perfectly.

I took some pictures of the flat water and some people kiting and taking lessons about 1 mile off shore.

We  also walked up the street and I found the ideal launching location for me.  It’s less than 5 minutes away.  I can launch there when the wind is lighter.  When it fills in, or if I want to drift launch (of if Becky will wade offshore with me a bit…maybe 100m) I can easily launch from directly in front of our place.

We also went and had a lovely but expensive meal down the street.  By expensive, the main course was about $14 USD.  So, compared to the last 8 months in Asia, that is an arm and a leg for just a meal.  Since we are on the "travel as long as we can budget” it looks like I will be cooking most meals.

That being said, for lunch today, we just purchased food from a beach vendor across the street.  We had one roti with a couple different sauces mixed inside.  We also had a curry chicken, a chicken liver dish that was spicy (only I like liver, but it was very tasty for me), and a creole seasoned octopus.  We also got a cabbage and carrot braised salad and 3 samosas that Avy joined us in eating.  All this for $10 USD.  So, as I told the lady who runs it, Madame Rose, she will be seeing me fairly often.

Other than that we are settling in nicely.  Today, after having explored this week, we will be telling the landlord that we want to chill here until we leave Nov 7th.  It definitely seems we found a great place, awesome location, and by far the best value.  Most other people stay in La Gaulette and need a car to get to the kiting location, whereas we can simply kite from in front of our place.  I also put feelers out…so hopefully we will get a visitor or two from the Pacific Northwest kiting crew while we are here.  Avy is really hoping “Uncle Jeffro” comes to visit.